Billing models for client projects developed by Clever Coding

Our Approach

Fixed price

For smaller projects that have a clearly defined scope that is not going to change during development we can offer a fixed price model. Under this model we will mutually agree to what the deliverables and timeframe will be. The project will be broken up into clearly defined segments and a cost will be attached to each segment. Once we have completed a segment and you have signed off on it then the payment will be due for that segment. This model allows very little flexibility. If requirements change even slightly during development, an assessment will be made to determine if those changes will affect the overall number of hours to complete the project. If changes happen that add hours to the overall scope of the project, then an amendment will need to be made to the service agreement that adjusts the price of the project to account for the additional time and resources put toward the project.

Time and materials

The Time & Material model is what works best for most projects. During your initial engagement with Clever Coding, we will gather all available information about your project to help us understand the vision of what you are wanting done. During this phase of engagement we will try and understand the scope of work. Based on the information provided to us, we will then provide you with a proposal for your project that includes cost estimates and a breakdown of milestones including delivery dates. This model works best for more complex projects. We have found that most complex projects inevitably have changes made to the scope of work during the development phase. When changes are made, we will provide a new cost estimate and adjustments to the timeline so you are aware of the impact of the changes to the project. Time & Material projects are billed bi-weekly based on hours performed during that time period. When the invoice is sent, a status is provided about how the project is doing in relation to the original cost and timeframe estimate. If the scope of work changes for the project during development, an amendment will be made to the service agreement to provide updated cost and timeframe estimates. This model allows for complete flexibility. We are able to put multiple resources to work on various parts of the project, which allows us to get the project done in the shortest time period. We are able to easily adapt to changes that may come up during development and allows for a more agile development process.

Milestone billing

On large scale projects we also offer milestone billing. As in all projects, during initial engagement we will provide you with a free no obligation proposal that provides cost estimates and timeframes for each milestone agreed upon. As each milestone is reached and you have signed off on it being properly completed then an invoice will be sent based on hours spent for that milestone. If the scope of work changes for parts of the project being worked on then an amendment will be made to the service agreement to provide updated cost and timeframe estimates. This model allows you to more closely monitor cost based on milestones being reached. In this model our preference is to only work on one milestone at a time, so the overall length of the project may be longer.

Dedicated resources

We offer dedicated resources to extend your in-house development abilities. You can choose how many developers/designers you need, and how many hours per week you want them to work. Then a service agreement will be drawn for the number of weeks you will need those resources, detailing the costs associated with utilizing those dedicated resources.

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