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  • Optimizing graphical content for Android devices

    One commonly overlooked problem that can arise in Android app development is optimizing the graphics to look great across all ranges of devices. There are many different Android devices and since there are no particular rules on what size the screen should be, what the resolution should be, or the aspect ratio of screens, creating

  • Smart Phone Apps for Medical Tests

    I have recently had the opportunity to work for Joel Ehrenkranz and the i-calQ team, developing and engineering the proto-type software of their android apps that diagnose and measure hemoglobin and TSH content. It was a thrilling experience. This kind of cutting edge technology, software, and ideas, could help lead a revolution of easy access

  • Building a Mobile App

    Making an appealing and successful mobile application is often times much more difficult than people might expect. Making the application on a good budget (and sticking to it) is usually harder still. Many times people want their apps made, but don’t have a full understanding of the process, or where common snags will cut into