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  • Android – Simple Tips – Bitmap Memory Leaks

    The Problem Java uses garbage collection to manage memory. This does not mean that memory leaks never happen. They do. Bitmaps are one area where memory leaks can occur when creating and Android application. What Android Developers Has To Say “On Android Android 2.2 (API level 8) and lower, when garbage collection occurs, your app’s

  • iPhone 5s and iOS 7 Review

    Not only one iPhone but two were released this past month and along with those phones came the iOS 7 update, the first major overhaul since the iPhone’s birth. I have heard many mixed reviews about the new iPhone as well and the update and I am here to write a few pros and cons

  • Easy Android XML changes for many controls

    Something that I found recently is the option to change any property of several controls in XML for an Android app (at the same time) using Eclipse. To do this, simply command click (or control click for windows users) the various objects (fields, widgets, layouts, images, etc) you would like to edit from the Graphical


  • The Mobile Explosion

    The mobile industry continues to grow exponentially.  Android, iOS, even Windows Phone, you name it, is experiencing rapid penetration worldwide.  With increased penetration comes ever-growing revenue for firms to capture.  Since 2010, global mobile app revenue has grown at a rate of over 107%.  This year’s revenues alone are expected to reach an unprecedented 25

  • Building a Mobile App

    Making an appealing and successful mobile application is often times much more difficult than people might expect. Making the application on a good budget (and sticking to it) is usually harder still. Many times people want their apps made, but don’t have a full understanding of the process, or where common snags will cut into