iPhone 3D Globe source code and development

(Check out Android 3D Globe source code)

As part of our custom development services we offer the ability to implement a custom 3D earth globe. You can hire us to develop your iPhone or Android app or just get the source code and develop it yourself. Built using OpenGL ES. This very realistic view of the earth is amazing. Now your app can have its very own 3D globe of the earth. Many of the top apps use 3D globes of the earth to add that "eye candy" effect. The possibilities of what you can add to your virtual earth are endless.

Our globe source code is very easy to understand and to extend it is written entirely in objective-c using opengl es. You can do a high level of customization and easily add to your app without understanding opengl. There are simple methods for adding markers to the globe and simple delegate methods to tell you when a marker and/or the globe was touched.

Any map/globe textures can be added giving you endless possibilies on how you choose to customize your 3D earth globe.

A user's double tap on the 3D globe is converted to GPS world coordinates which could be used for navigation of the earth among many other possibilities. The included textures are based off of NASA satellite images of the Earth making it as realistic as it gets. But you can replace those textures with anything you want to give your 3D globe of the earth the custom effect you need for your app.

iPhone Earth Globe Features Include

  • Universal Support for iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Support of retina displays doubling the size of textures used
  • Zooming and navigation of the globe with standard iOS gestures.
  • Smooth rotation between two sets of GPS points.
  • Multiple high-resolution texture maps of the earth are included
  • Overlay for the texture maps that shows country borders and names.
  • Easily add markers to the globe such as push pins, flags, icons, etc
  • The source code is well structured and documented so that it is easy for a developer to quickly add the globe into app projects.
  • Ray casting allows for a double tap on the screen to log the GPS coordinates associated with the double tap.
  • Option to detect when a marker has been touched. For example if the custom marker you use is country flags you can detect if the flag has been touched
  • Includes a demo project that is ready to compile and run immediately.
  • Integration with MapKit in the demo to demostrate a smooth transition between 3D globe and 2D map view
  • Directional light mode to give the effect of night and day on the globe

Push play for interactive Online Demo

iPhone 3D globe



How does it work?

There are several options when you decide to include our 3D globe of the earth in one of your iPhone or iPad project.

  1. For a one-time fee you get lifetime use of the source code. You can use it in as many projects as your company would like. The only real limitation is that you cannot resell or give away the source code to anyone outside of your company. Click buy now below to purchase the globe.
  2. You can purchase a bundle with both the Android 3D Globe and iPhone 3D Globe Source Code
  3. For simplification of our licensing structure if you are doing the development for a client the license will reside with that client. If you want to put it in your own apps and a client app you need to purchase 2 licenses.
  4. You can also simply hire us to implement the 3D globe into an existing iPhone app or an existing project in development.
  5. Our core business is the development of iPhone and Android apps for clients. One option would be to hire us to develop the entire app from start to finish including the use of the 3D globe.


** Notice. By buying a license to the globe you agree to not resell or distribute the plugin in anyway. You also acknowledge that the 3D globe is the Intellectual property of Clever Coding and that you are only licensing the code for use inside of your app.

Each purchase includes:

  • 3D globe source code
  • Demo xCode project demonstrating the use of the source code
  • 4 Sets of textures for the globe
  • Documentation

(Check out Android 3D Globe source code)

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